+ What are the different types of memberships that you offer?

Dedicated, Communal and Network Memberships

+ How much is a Dedicated Membership?

$555 per person/month

+ How much is a Communal Membership?

$225 per person/month

+ How much is a Network Membership?

$95 per person/month

+How many Dedicated Members can be on my team?

1-25 Members

+ What are the terms of the Membership?

Memberships are month-to-month or 6 to 12 Month Terms.

+ Can another person use my membership when I'm not there?

No, all memberships belong to the individual and are non-transferable.

+ How many days per month can I come in with a Network Membership?

Network Members get 4 Days workspace access per month.

+ How many days per month can I come in with a Communal or Dedicated Membership?

Communal and Dedicated members have unlimited access depending on hours of operation of each location.

+When can I start my membership?

Network and Communal Memberships can start the day after your application is accepted. Dedicated Memberships can start when your dedicated workspace is available.

+ How many days notice do I have to give before I cancel my membership?

Communal and Network Members must cancel their membership before the next billing date. (The first of upcoming the month)

+ Can I pause my membership?

Not currently (coming soon!)

+ Do you have high speed Internet?

Yes, wired and wireless.

+ Can I book a meeting room if I am not a member?


+ Can I book the event space if I'm not a member?

Yes, you can fill out an event application here.

+ Can I attend an event if I am not a member?


+ What kind of workspaces do you have?

Communal and Dedicated Workspace

+ Are there Meeting Rooms?

Yes, with flat screens connectivity through HDMI, Apple Airplay and Google Chromecast.

+ Are there Phone Booths?

Yes, at the Projective Space L.E.S location.

+ Do you have a Ping Pong Table?

Yes, at the Projective Space L.E.S location.

+ How many hours of meeting room time does a member get per month?

Network Members get 2 Hours of free Meeting Room time. Communal and Dedicated Members gets 3 hours of free meeting room time per month.
(Additional hours can be purchased for $25 per hour)
Dedicated Teams can also pool their monthy meeting room hours. For example, a Dedicated Team of 4 would have 12 hours of conference room booking per Month. (4 Team Members x 3 Hours each = 12 hours/Month per Team)

+ Can I use the meeting room without booking it?

Yes, but you have to give up the room if someone else has booked it during that time.

+ Can I purchase additional meeting room hours if i’ve gone over my free allocation?

Yes, for Members it is $25/hour