Projective Space L.E.S. is located in the heart of NYC’s Lower East Side district.Boasting 7,000 square feet of beautifully preserved hardwood pine floors and early 20th century architectural elements, Projective L.E.S. has created a home for the future amidst the beauty of the past.We’ve complimented these origins with the amenities that innovative teams have come to depend on both for efficiency and comfort.  

Our space features:

Designed Space

  • Generous table allotments per seat
  • Floor plate power, wifi and wired network accessibility at every work station
  • Built in cord management and organizational solutions built in and provided by Projective
  • Communal and lounge style seating

Connection and Community

  • Fully outfitted 2,000 square foot event space complete with sound system, projector and screen for amazing biz dev and networking opportunities
  • After hours bar, lounge and kitchen available to all members
  • Networked flat screen monitors to share member tweets, news and triumphs

Privacy and Comfort

  • Fully outfitted phonebooths complete with USB charging ports
  • Three glass walled conference rooms outfitted with wired flat screens for video conference, logo display or welcome messages


  • Manned freight elevator
  • Projective Entrance only accessible by trackable key card entry
  • Building entrance accessible after hours only by touch-code


L. E. S.
72 Allen St. 3rd floor
New York NY 10002