Projective Space is an NYC coworking space for high-impact entrepreneurs, industry influencers, innovators, and startups that choose to launch their company in NYC.


Projective Space is consistently rated as one of the best coworking spaces in NYC and is recognized for helping foster today’s hottest startups and brands.


If you think your startup meets this criteria and you want to work alongside New York City’s most influential startups,  apply to join our NYC coworking space.


If you want to host an event that compliments Projective Space’s NYC coworking community,  submit your event application here.


Projective Space Community Newsletter: 11 August 2014

Posted: 08/11/2014

Stay connected with Projective Space coworking and community news. Updates on upcoming events, NYC startup growth, investment, and budding entrepreneurs. read more

Projective Space Community Newsletter: 17 July 2014

Posted: 07/18/2014

Stay connected with Projective Space coworking and community news. Updates on upcoming events, NYC startup growth, investment, and budding entrepreneurs. read more

Projective Space Community Newsletter: 30 June 2014

Posted: 06/30/2014

Stay connected with Projective Space coworking and community news. Updates on upcoming events, NYC startup growth, investment, and budding entrepreneurs. read more

Holidays at Projective Space

Posted: 12/13/2013

The holidays are well under way under the roof of Projective Space. Merriment, festivity, and spiked seasonal drinks are making themselves present in between conference calls and busy schedules. No matter how busy, this time of year is always a great excuse to embrace the season, throw on an ill-fitting but cozy cardigan, and dream of cabin getaways. We’ve tried to make that experience more attainable for our startups. The cozy fire wall projections yield not heat, but healthy doses … read more

Fashion Brain Bar

Posted: 03/11/2013

We’re planning an (awesome) event for the fashion/tech community on the terrace at the W Hotel Austin on March 11th from 10am-5pm. It’s called the “Fashion Brain Bar”. Think of it as a place to catch some sun, have a cocktail or two, spend time with industry friends, and get answers to your burning questions from the experts. RSVP fast, space is limited. 

Projective Space Member Plainlegal named “10 Hottest Startups in NYC”

Scheduled: 06/07/2014

Projective Space member PlainLegal has been “10 Hottest Startups in NYC” by AlleyWatch. Congratulations to Co-founders Nehal Madhani & Gabe Kneisley! Plainlegal is a software platform that helps make law firms more productive and profitable by automating routine legal and administrative work. The platform lets lawyers focus on lawyering by automating manual tasks like client intake, document assembly, and payment collection.


Setting Goals That Stick

Scheduled: 07/24/2012

Are you one of those people who has a New Years Resolution that fails in 5 days? Are you trying to write a book, lose weight, start a company, start a blog or start anything, but you can’t get out of the gate, figure out where to go and how to stay on track? This class will help you focus on the simple things that can change your goal setting life. You’ll learn how things like the fear of success, … read more

Teachers: Bassam Tarazi
Price: $25.00

Storytelling Mojo: How to Get Paid for Being the Real You

Scheduled: 07/24/2012

“Do people get what you do? Do they get who you are? This crazy-fun interactive course will teach you how to use storytelling to position your work, attract more opportunities, and get paid for being the real you. Storytelling is key to attracting the right people, projects and recognition to your career. The secret is to talk about yourself without bragging, boasting, or being a bore. While still being memorable, compelling, and relatable. Problem is nobody taught you how to … read more

Teachers: Michael Margolis
Price: $35.00

Brand in Building 3 Easy Steps: WordPress + Social Media + SEO

Scheduled: 07/18/2012

In this course we’ll walk you through the important technologies that help establish or expand your brand and audience. Whether you’re looking for more customers or clients or just looking to expand your personal reach mastering the tools of social media and the web are essential to your game plan.*Note this is part 2 of a multipart course*

Teachers: Nate Cooper
Price: $137.00

Revolutionize Your Team II: Problem Solving and Trips to Abilene

Scheduled: 06/29/2012
user-image-lg (1)

Have you ever taken a long, uncomfortable trip with a group of people only to realize, when it was over, that no one wanted to go in the first place? Unfortunately when we work in groups we take those trips all the time, both literally and figuratively. Being aware of group process can help you avoid trips to Abilene. In the first class of this series we discussed the basics of group process and models that help us understand group … read more

Teachers: Joaquin Roca
Price: $25.00

Office Hours with David Ehrenberg of Early Growth Financial Services

Scheduled: 10/22/2014

Sign up for a 20-minute session on October 22, 2014, from 2:30 – 4:30pm to discuss all of your startup finance and fundraising questions. read more

PandoMedia Presents: A Fireside Chat with Jeremy Levine

Scheduled: 09/18/2014

In this edition of PandoMonthly NYC, Sarah Lacy will interview Jeremy Levine. Jeremey serves on the boards of Pinterest, Wikia, Yelp (IPO), Onestop, Shopify and Xtime. He’s also worked with, LinkedIn and Fiverr, amongst others. read more

Office Hours with David Browne of TriNet

Scheduled: 09/10/2014

Sign up for a 15-minute session on September 10, 2014 , from 2:30 – 4:30pm to discuss all of your startup payroll needs and concerns. read more

Office Hours with Connie Wong, cofounder of Lynxsy

Scheduled: 08/27/2014

Sign up for a 15-minute session on August 27, 2014 , from 12 – 1:30pm to discuss all of your startup hiring needs and concerns. read more

Projective Space receives 5/5 stars in review of best co-working Spaces in NYC: NYPost

Posted: 05/19/2014
Projective Space nypost

  The Projective team and members are proud to receive 5/5 stars in review of best co-working spaces in New York City.  How freelancers are getting out and landing open desks    “Projective Space: The high-ceiling loft space is divided into two areas: A front communal space offers a lounge area and cluster of partitioned desks for solo workers, while the back room accommodates start-up teams at rows of roomy desks. I split my day between the two sections, and reveled in the … read more

Projective Space: “One of the top co-working spaces in NYC”

Posted: 04/24/2012

The Projective team and members are honored to be included in the list of top co-working spaces in NYC. writes: “Disruptive startups like Seatgeek, Bespoke Post, Centzy, Indiegogo, SinglePlatform, Uber, and Wanderfly are all members. The space on Broadway in SoHo is actually fairly hidden, but the new space in the LES hosts classes, and speakers all the time. We’re big fans of this space branching out into the Lower East Side and realizing the LES could be a … read more

We’re One of the Coolest Coworking Spaces in NYC!

Posted: 08/18/2011

Happy Rainy Thursday co-workers! We are very excited to share an article published yesterday in The Next Web about the coolest coworking spaces in New York City. Projective Space has been listed along our coworking comrades We Work Labs, General Assembly, Dogpatch Labs, and New Work City and we couldn’t be more honored to sit amongst fellow cultivators within the tech community.  “In February 2011, Projective Space (formally known as SohoHaven) was created by three brothers, James Wahba, Johnny Wahba, and Tim Wahba, located at 447 Broadway in Soho. … read more